My story

lifeI am always amazed when a new day arises, how much hope comes with it. From a wonderful day where everything falls into places. Feeling perfect synchronicity is by my side, you are walking in peace.

We can continue to move forward in our lives with a light step when we are co-creating with the universe. Nothing will ever become the same when you decide to partner with the universe. You are becoming limitless, learning to elevate your energies to the highest level.

You are becoming aware of your thoughts and what you are actually projecting into the world. Do you want to live a positive life or one full of storms and obstacles?

I have spent too many days and nights to dream for my happy ending. I could feel it but I had no idea how it would materialized, instead I kept faith that it was here. I had lost my patience at times chastising the universe.

But at the end it was all worth it, never would I have ever imagined what kind of holy ground I would have walked on. It has been a crazy ride, but my determination has never deterred from what my spirit wanted me to be.

I would have never thought it was possible to push the boundaries as far as I did. I have learned a lot in my journey that has helped me to adapt to new situations. I let the universe guide me along the way but also let my spirit to inspire me along my journey.

It is not easy to stand your own ground and be who you are in this world. But it was worth all the negative and positive experiences I have.

I am ready to have fun and enjoy my life to the fullest, knowingly I am actually walking on my holy ground.