In face of challenges

lifeFacing challenges in our lives will open our hearts. We may feel like it is not fair when bad things are happening to us or our loved ones, but we need to have faith that everything always happens for a reason.

Not losing faith in the universe let unconditional love inspire us to be grateful for every moment we are sharing together. Memories will always be there to remind us of each other.

We do not need to fight our feelings but instead celebrate each day like it is our last. Becoming the beautiful light, we are meant to become. Merging our love with the universe and send it back to our loved ones.

Inspiring others to do the same. So many times, we are too afraid to express how we truly feel. Living in the ego world you will become immune to any of what really matters. It is a great time for us to step aside and see what our priorities are.

When facing challenging times, we are getting a good look at our lives, realizing we are not here for an eternity but just a moment in space and time.   We are actually experiencing our spirit growing and maturing.

Our view on life might be altered but the universe will always remind us what are, our priorities when the time come.

It is our choice to continue to live a life of authenticity, becoming the beautiful spirit we are. Letting love become the driving reason we are waking up every day. Learning to forgive what has been done to us.

Expecting the magic of the universe to always grace us with its presence. Ready to embrace a new day with our heart filled with kindness.

We need to slow down and be more present in our lives. We can never go back in time, we can only move forward.