Let it go for the better

lifeScar tissues can be visible or not. The ones that are invisible are the ones our spirit has been taking care of, but some wounds are still open. We should take care of ourselves, for us to move on to the next level we need to take a full inventory of what needs to be healed.

If you have felt, you were rejected as a young child you might be carrying this burden without realizing it is not healed. It might take some work to bring to the surface all those feelings, but it is a blessing when you let it all go.

You are taking back all of those pieces that were shattered and becoming whole again. It is a painful journey to go through, a life carrying all those open wounds. When you are finally at peace your life has moved on to the next level. You have become a new version of yourselves.

Doors of infinite possibilities are opening for you. The right people and situations are entering your life for the better. You are catching yourself daydreaming. You are becoming full of hope again. You are not angry anymore, you are not a shame, but becoming the beautiful spirit you once were.

Leaving all of that behind you is letting the magic of the universe in your life. Starting to realize this was the past, not who you are now.  Too many times people think they are trapped because the only feeling they have learned is to be angry at the world. Letting all go can be frightening for some of them but in fact when you finally do that you are letting peace in your lives.

You are changing the course of your life for the better. You are finally in control of your own destiny. You can be the creative alchemist and start a new chapter in your own life.