I am at peace

lifeSomeone will never take the best of me. I will never allow anyone to try to take advantage of me. I will not walk the path of shame feeling used and abused. I will stand tall on my own two feet and let my warrior fight back.

No one should try to trick anyone to do something that is not for their highest good. No one should treat others poorly neither abuse them in any way shape or form. We are not here to feel we have to comply with someone that is trying to toy with our feelings.

Instead we should step away from them refusing any kind of mental torture. Not letting anyone get power over us. We are going to resist to be abused, I swear I will never be abused. I will let my spirit be free and show its true color.

I will expose anyone who tries to do wrong, I will make this world a better place by teaching others what I have learned along my path. I will become the beacon of unconditional love refusing to let anyone rain on my parade.

The universe is always watching, the wrong will be undone.  The unscrupulous will be faced with a taste of their own medicine. I will not wait for that to happen instead I will move on into my path.

I will never let anyone close their heart to humanity. Instead I will teach them to open their eyes and listened to their spirit. Your spirit will always let you know if this is for your highest good.

I will quiet my ego so I can live a life in peace. Nothing is more beautiful than reaching a state of peace, when you see love surrounding you. Creating a better experience for you and your loved one.