Opening our heart

lifeHaving fun is what we should all be doing. Life can be as magical as we want it to be. Some days we can feel we are walking on water, the next we would rather stay in bed under the covers.

We need to find the right balance and enjoy what is coming our way.  Life can make us live our dreams to the fullest or we can make it more difficult if we are creating obstacles.

I have spent my life pushing forward in my own path, not knowing what tomorrow will be. Having a strange feeling that something big might happened. But when you are spending your time to push forward, you might forget to play.

Being so focus of creating we might lose track of how far we have come. Connecting at the spiritual level we are forgetting to have an open heart to receive love back. I have been there, done that, but the universe can decide for you to take a left turn to reopen your heart.

It might not be the right person but just to break the shell you have built around your heart. So, you are now open and complete to finally receive love back. Experiencing that feeling that has been locked for so long.

We always have to take things into perspective, how can we receive love if our hearts are closed?  How can the right mate enter our life if we are not ready to welcome them? The universe, in its perfect magic, will make things happens in due time. Again, we can’t receive it if we are not ready.

We need to keep faith in humanity and in love. Nothing is impossible if we are ready to be limitless. The quest of love is one of them, let your heart speak but be wise to step away when it is not for your highest good