Situation doesn’t determine who we are

lifeWhatever happens in our lives should not determine if we are closing our hearts to the world. We always have to learn our life lessons; we might encounter people who are less than genuine. They may try to shatter your heart even make you lose faith in humanity.

We might become numb to receive love from others, becoming a cold-hearted person we wished we were not but instead trying to reconciled and heal our wounds.

It takes a beautiful spirit like us to rise from the ashes, regardless of whoever has been hurting you in the past or in the present. You need to remind yourself; they are here to teach us our lessons. By not closing our eyes blindly but seeing the person for who they truly are.

Looking at our patterns and change them if we are getting the same result something is wrong. We need to be honest with ourselves, if we are not looking after ourselves no one can do it for us.

When heartaches happen, we need to not lose faith in humanity one bad apples should not spoil it for when the right person comes into your life. We all deserve to be loved for who we truly are.

Seeking that person desperately will not bring you the right person. Instead you are projecting fears in the universe what will come your way will be the wrong tots in your life.

Love yourself first, accept the unconditional love of the universe. Welcome the genuine love from people. Become the beacon of freedom and joy, do not let any step back change the course of your path.

Instead learn from it, let the wisdom of the universe fill your heart. Become the wise man/women you are. Always see situations for what they are, remove the ego or your emotions from it. Heal and let go.  You do not want to become a prisoner of that delusional world.

Let your spirit shine you are love and the universe loves you.