Dark Necessities

lifeDark necessities are a way to test us along our journey. When everything seems upside down, we can feel pushed beyond our limits. Surprising ourselves on how much resilience we have. Learning to bounce back from adversities on our path. We are the majestic spirit we have so much more to offer if we only are aware of it.

Most people do not have an understanding of how gifted they are. How much they can offer to the world. Being in the spiral of the ego world, can take us away from our life’s purpose and away from our path. When we are absorbed into that world, we are forgetting who we truly are.

We can spend our life on the hamster’s wheel of the ego world without feeling we are complete. Thinking we are missing something along our journey, never being able to pin point exactly what it is. Seeking into the wrong places to see what’s inside of us.

If we just take the time to open our heart and listen to our spirit. It is never too late to become who we are meant to be. There is no age limit to realize our dreams or to live the life we are meant to be living.

Becoming the limitless person and discovering the hidden part of us. Realizing we are all connected, and love is what we need to share and live by. There is no great secret when you are ready to open your spirit to connect with the universe. Receiving the bounties that belong to us and we should be experiencing.

Feeling elevated every single day, a smile on our faces regardless of the outer condition. Learning how to improve our lives and the lives of others. Living our life in an authentic way with the promise of a better tomorrow.

Letting the better part of me shine.