My destiny my life

lifeThroughout challenges we are creating who we are like a sculpture we are becoming a master piece. We do not need to be perfect instead facing dark necessity we are becoming the diamond we are meant to be.

We can move like a ballerina across the stage, with grace and elegance. But we do not show the pain and sorrow we had to go through to get there. We need to let our spirit guide us to our holy ground.

While we are growing and maturing, we are changing the course of our lives to becoming the beacon of life, of light. Looking at our scars like a trophy that will remind us what we had to endure during the process.

As believers we are keep pushing beyond the pain, transforming our rage to becoming the driver the fire that will help us to make the next step. Letting the universe rebuild us when we are being taking apart by the storms we are facing.

Seeing ourselves in the different light, acknowledging we are human, we have flows within the raging river that is our lives. Ready to take on the next challenge, facing the fury of the ego world for not complying and becoming a sheep.

We are unique, beautiful, resilient, so why should we become a shadow of ourselves? Why should we not have a happy ending? Why should we submit to something that doesn’t suit us?

Becoming our true self, authentic, pure love is what we are all about. We can be born on the wrong side of the tracks; it doesn’t mean we are going to stay there for the rest of our lives. If you know you do not belong just walk away by letting your spirit guide you.

Start to create the world you want to experience. Do not hold back instead dream big. I have done that, like millions before and after me. We have changed the course of our lives because we felt it was necessary for us to be who we were meant to be.

So why not you?