Being connected

lifeSomething that makes us feel connected is during the time of joy or tragedy. We unconsciously connect and feel the same emotions or feelings. From a fire that partially destroyed Notre Dame, to a random act of violence, or to a wedding, seeing our best friend, brother or sister getting married.

Those emotions are what make us human. We are connected on a spirit level, we may or may not be aware of it. But with the level of consciousness rising we are becoming one. Not feeling like strangers but more like brothers and sisters in those times. Feeling the connection deeper, with the hope for a better day.

We are all beautiful spirits that are here to live our lives but also connect. For the past decade the level of awareness has awaken. We can finally relate at a deeper level. We are coming together to rebuilt, to share the love and support through those times.

The feeling of isolation is fading, it has been revealed to us as to what our spirit is all about. Nothing is more precious than an open heart. Living our life to the fullest, being open to do good in this world.

We can help this world if we stop listening to our ego but instead let our spirit be free.  The barriers and invisible walls we are creating to protect ourselves will disappear to let the love and peace come to us.

Nothing is more precious and beautiful to live a life of gratitude. We can rebuild what has been destroyed, we can improve our life, our outer condition. Life has so much more to offer when we are open to receive and learn from our experiences.

Everything happens for a reason; we might not have the bird’s eyes view but we need to keep faith everything will work out.