My holy ground

lifeYou know who you are deep inside, you can hear your spirit. You may have your ego speaking louder but when night comes your ego is asleep. Your spirit will awaken in the middle of the night speaking to you.

While you might want to ignore what it must share with you. You can feel something is missing in your life. You could try to find it in the wrong places or people, until you come to the realization your quest starts within you.

Seeking what you need is always inside of you, deep in your core. Your spirit is your compass, the connection between the universe and you. When you are connected you are now on a different wave.

You are elevating your energy; you are becoming the magician the alchemist. Learning to co-create and have faith you already have it. It might sound a little strange for some people, but you know the expression “fake it until you make it” same thing applies.

What do I mean by that? Imagine you already have it, embody those energies. The universe always listens, when you are embodying those energies you are telling the universe this is what you want to experience.

The universe in its perfect synchronicity will make it happen, it might take a week, months or ever years but it will make it happened. You need to keep faith even if you do not see it being realized right away.

Again, patience is the key to help us to archive our goals. I have been determined all of my life to move toward my life purpose. I wasn’t sure about what I would do but I knew I would run my own business.

I let the universe guide me while I was uncovering what I would do. Partnering with the universe has been the ride of my life. Starting with nothing, born on the wrong side of the tracks not having a chance to succeed where I was. I knew I never belonged there, I was determined to find my home, my life purpose. It did not happen overnight, but it was worth the pain, sorrow, tears and rage.

I am walking on my holy ground so can you if you are determined to do it.