Living my life part 2

lifeWe can feel lost along our journey; it is not a bad thing sometimes; we need to get lost to find ourselves. Life can take us along a journey that is far from the fairytale we wished we had. Wanting our happy ending, white picket fence house, dream job and the right mate.

We can archive all of it if we are willing to take the first step into uncharted territory. It might be scary to step up for our life purpose. But when we are guided by our spirit with the support of the universe, we can accomplish that.

We might face changes we were not expecting or learn to let the unexpected into our lives to be able to shift into the right direction. We could doubt our spirit when we are going into the unknown. Thinking we are going in the wrong direction, but we need to keep an open mind.

Perfect synchronicity will always be there by our side. We might think it is not right but maybe the right person will be there or the right opportunity will be revealed to us. I have taken some roads that helped me to learn more skill sets, I have expanded my knowledge but also, I have meet people who have impacted my life as well.

With all of those twists and turns, I have uncovered more sides to my spirit than I ever knew it had.  I have learned I am limitless. If I did not go through all of this, I would not have been able to be prepared when I reach my holy ground.

I have much more to learn but I have the skill sets and the foundation to continue to move forward. I have opened the doors of infinite possibilities; I am living my dreams every single day. I have not caved in, neither have I given up because it was hard. I have learned to become who I am meant to be.