The better part of me part 2

lifeDiscovering the better part of me, has been a trip of a lifetime. Not many people know who I truly am. My determination and resilience have surprised a lot of them along my journey. My passion and dreams have not been shattered even if I have been challenged beyond acceptability.

I have no regrets of what I have done, living with regrets will tie me and this is not what I am all about. Instead, I have learned to make amends when I did wrong. I will not apologize for the warrior within me, instead I have learned to rise above negativity.

It might feel a lonely life when you are going on your own path finding what your purpose is. But during this time, I have learned to count on the universe to provide me what I needed. I might have closed my heart to protect it against the venom of negativity. I even wanted to disappear becoming someone else, but it never lasted.

The universe was always watching me, pushing me to reveal who I truly was. At my worst I found the strengths to take the next step. We are going through our life changes one step at a time. Trying to fast forward will not work, we have to mature and grow.

It might be difficult to breathe at times but when you are continuing to move forward in the darkness with the faith that everything will work out for the best at the end. You will be surprised when your dreams reach fruition.

You will feel lighter than a feather, a sense of euphoria, feeling the cells in your body. This is when you are realizing you are now safe on your holy ground. The hardest part of your journey is over.

You are learning what freedom means, you have become limitless. Love has entered your life; you are whole now.