Spring time

lifeSpring is a great time to let our beautiful spirit wander, letting our imagination running the field of tulips. Amazing the colors mother nature is blessing us with every single day. It is a time of rebirth, feeling the soft touch of the sun on our skin.

Being eager to spend more time outside, walking on the trails to let our thoughts travel miles away while we are grounding ourselves. Being lifted by the soft breeze of the ocean, while strolling along the beach.

It is the time of rising from the ashes of winter. Moving into a trans state of mind, letting our hair down to enjoy a moment of communion with the universe.

It is a time of gathering friends, sharing a meal with them but also welcoming new friends in our lives. I am ready to stand under the sun, feeling its’ warmth on my skin. Nothing can transcend more than being one with the universe.

Observing the world, pushing the limits beyond what we thought was possible. It is a time of creativity, letting ourselves become the creative mind we are, welcoming our inner child. Finding the time to play more so we can find the equilibrium we need.

Life has so much more to offer when we are open to listen to what our spirit is sharing. Making sure we are whole and complete. Nothing is more precious than letting ourselves become the beautiful butterflies we are.

Too many times we preferred to hide, then showing who we truly are. Spring is a time for all of us to open our heart and spirit. Letting our dreams guide us, enjoying every single moment we have with our loved ones.

Why not start our list of what we would like to accomplish from some projects at home to a trip of a life time?