Continue to push forward

lifeWhen disaster strikes in our lives or we are being impacted directly or indirectly by someone else’s actions, how do we cope with that? It might be difficult to know what to do when we are facing these kinds of situations.   The important thing we much learn is to ground ourselves during these times of trials and tribulation.

We might want to give up and walk away or become swallowed by the abyss of negativity. If we are reaching deep in our core, we can awake our warrior. This will help us to rise from the ashes like the phoenix.

We are all beautiful spirits; we have to face our own storms in our journey that will help us to grow and mature. It also will strengthen us during these times of uncertainty. While we are walking on our own path we can learn to lean on the universe. To provide us the support we need to move forward.

Too many times we feel like we should retreat but even in darker times we need to keep pushing forward. I have felt like giving up a few times along my journey but somehow, I found not only the strength, but also the wisdom of my inner circle that never gave up on me, to push forward.

It helped me to face the last storm before I reached my holy ground. I had to use what I had left in my core, including the rage that helped me to walk the last few steps that were needed to overcome the last storm.

Living our dreams and our passion requires us to go through these storms. Without them we would not be able to become who we are meant to be. When you reach your holy ground, you have an appreciation of who you are but also how far you have come.