Giving all my love

lifeGiving all my love to you, when in the darkness I will always be there. Moving forward into uncertainty, I will be by your side. Encouraging you to move forward in your path. Believing in you, making you feel you are limitless.

You are precious, you are loved, you are wonders. Let your spirit be free, becoming the bright light you are meant to be. Do not be afraid of tomorrow, embrace today by co-creating with the universe.

Nothing is impossible when you know deep in your core it is the right thing to do. Become the child again, dream bold. Let only love enter your life, become the inspiration the world needs. Don’t limit yourself in the ego world.

Walk your holy ground, become the alchemist you are and unleash the wonders of creation through your imagination. Let perfect synchronicity enter your life.

Dance under the night stars and let your heart open wide. Become the rising light that will defuse darkness. Become the leader you are meant to be, create a better world for yourself but also everyone.

Live with peace in your heart, let go of the past and any hurt and betrayal you carry with you. Enjoy your life by creating a better future today. Live in the present and savor every moment.

Send love to the world, laugh in the face of darkness knowingly the universe is by your side. Find the resilience, the warrior that is dormant in you to conquer the obstacles that are in front of you.

Become the gentle touch that will heal the wounds and let unconditional love become part of everyone’s life. Become the anchor in the middle of the raging sea that will help others navigate in their journey.

Never giving up in your dreams, or your life. Become the inspiration you are meant to me for your loved ones, but foremost for yourself.