Have faith in your path

lifeWe never walk alone in our lives; we are always surrounded by the universe. When people have nothing else to give while being cute in the storms. When life is turning your life upside down, you might feel you want to give up. But at the last minute the universe will help you by sending you help or a message for you to hold on a little longer.

You might feel like you have been left abandoned to the elements, to your outer conditions. You need to reach deep inside of you to find the strength you need to take one more step. That step will be the one needed for you to move out of the storms.

The universe will always help you along the way even if you feel lonely. You are here to grow and mature, pushing beyond your limits to reach safer ground. You have a story to share and tell. You are not alone but have the love of the universe surrounding you. Call upon them to help you along your journey.

You do not have to do it on your own. Life has so much more to offer when you are partnering with the universe. In order to change our lives, we need to clean up our own garden. We cannot bring something new into our lives if we have not removed what is not necessary for us anymore.

We might try it, but it will not work, things will not change if we are not taking full inventory, from personal to professional. You are not going to be complete until you are doing things the correct way.

When you are walking into the storms you are not only growing but it is a great time to let go of what you do not need. Let the free space to grow so you can welcome what is coming next to you.

I have cleaned up my own garden many times, but I also continue to believe in me. In darker times you might want to reach out for help from your circle of light. The people that believe in you.

Never losing faith that you are on the right path or soon will be.