I am unstoppable

lifeWe might become discouraged when we are facing too many storms. Something most of us do not realized if we are keeping on pushing forward, we are changing our lives for the better. I have faced storm after storm in my life. Some were unpleasant, I even felt some would break me for good. But I found deep in my core my warrior in me would not give up.

Instead I found the hope and the strength to move forward. I would never believe after all I went through; I would be on my holy ground today. I have spent most of my life fighting my way, pushing mountains out of my way.

Whatever people did to me, I let the universe “aka” karma deal with it. I just wanted my peace, feeling the love of the universe in my life. Keeping myself in check during those hard times.

Looking back, I can see it was worth the roller coaster of “hell” I went through for the past decades. I am in the place where I can finally do whatever my heart desires.

I am at peace with myself, I am in love with the world. I am not angry but happy. I never felt I had to explain who I was, and I never did. I am in the place where I am finally exited to co-create with the universe something that will impact others in a positive way.

I always have been outspoken and will continue to do that. I am unshakable, I have learned to pace my life by letting the universe set the speed. I have moved and accelerated changes in my life when perfect synchronicity was ready.

I will not take back what I have learned, but I am willing to continue to push the limit. I am unstoppable because the universe is by my side. Always watching over me and guiding me along my journey.