We are all peace

lifeWe all are different from our shell to our spirit. No one is alike when it comes to our spirit, we might alter our shell, but you cannot alter your spirit. Living in the world of the ego we might want to comply with the rules that world has to offer.

But your spirit will never comply, instead, you will find deep in your core, the feeling you want to rebel with a cause. That cause is your own identity, embracing fully your spirit. Moving from the ego world to your holy ground.

It takes some courage and determination to do that. Regardless of what people think, you can move forward and reach your peace of mind. Nothing is more exciting than discovering who you truly are.

Feeling the energy of freedom through your body. You are dazzled by the excitement that you are limitless. You are becoming fused with the universe. Your understanding of what is can only come from your own creation.

You are now in the driver’s seat; you are in a co-creating mode with the universe. Having been able to steer away from toxic relationships. You are moving into a world of unconditional love. You are not in a hurry anymore; you are living in the moment.

Enjoying every minute, savoring the moment you are in. Looking forward to doing something that will continue to inspire you whatever it is. Not being afraid to speak up and standing your ground.

Feeling you have made it; you have finally reached the highway of peace. You are becoming your spirit, feeling your life is more than what you had ever expected.

Surprising yourself, smiling for no reason but instead becoming “ce havre de paix” you always seek. Having found yourself, your life purpose you are now walking on clouds. You are blessing the world with your peace and love.