I am your medicine

lifeLet me be your medicine, your healer. Let me infuse you with the healing power of unconditional love into your body and heart.

Learn to trust and open your heart even if the outer conditions are less ideal. Learn to believe in yourself, do not lose hope and faith while facing the storms. You are moving forward to a better life, a better outcome.

Nothing will ever be the same, you are growing through pain, becoming the relentless spirit you are. Facing life changes to be able to reach your holy ground.

Nothing will ever change if you are not willing to move forward. You might want to rest but the universe might not let you have that moment of peace you think you need.  You will push beyond your limits. You are going to make the impossible possible.

Transforming yourself, breaking the mold you have been locked into to become your true spirit, your inspiration. Life will teach you many lessons, you will be eager to discover the secret your spirit holds.

Nothing will be the same when you are finally stepping into your holy ground. The sun will shine brighter. The stars in the night sky will be brighter. Your view on life will change, peace will be part of your life.

Unconditional love will surround you finding you are finally whole. Finding you are the one who is setting the course of your own life, your own happiness. Nothing, nor no one can do that for you. Life is taking a new dimension; you are finally living the life you always wanted.

While going through the changes you need to grow and mature, your outer conditions are improving. You are the magician, the alchemist that will sprinkle the magic of the universe into your life.

Life has so much more to offer when we are willing to step into the unknown. Learning to redefine who we are.