Staying connected

LifeSometimes we may feel we are not completely connected with our loved ones.  We might feel we are creating a space between us. We can lose track of others when we are involved in our path forgetting to see where everyone is at.

We can be ahead of everyone in our quest to find who we are. Letting our spirit and universe push us forward. Losing sights of our loved ones, we might feel like a stranger in our own house.

It might be time for us to slow down and let our loved ones catch up with us. We might not be at the same level of awareness, but we can take the time to acknowledge them and send them love.

As we are growing and maturing, we might feel we need to experience new things in our lives. Some will be done without our loved ones and some will be with them. Our own growth comes from within, but we still can be connected if we are taking the time to spend time together.

Being on our own path doesn’t mean we have to cut ourselves out of everyone’s life. We can jump into the unknown with our loved one. Letting ourselves becoming free with our spirit and let ourselves fuse together.

We have to learn to lean on each other, regardless of how busy our lives are. Communication is the solution to close the gap between each other. Doing activities together will help us to grow closer.

We do not have to have everything timed, instead throw your scheduler out of the window. Just go for an adventure, let spontaneity into your life. Become the careless person you are and embrace the unexpected.

Just go messy at first, not worrying of what others think.  Just embrace the playful side of your spirit. Have a moment of joy and silliness.