Learning to step back to see the bigger picture

LifeWe are never failing in our lives, we are only taking the wrong path or trying to open a door that is not for us to open. When we are living through our ego, we are not looking at what is best for us. Instead, like a small child having a tantrum, we only want what is not ours to have.

It might seem harsh, but the reality is, if we were listening and watching the signs, we would realize what we are doing.  We can decide to continue in the same direction that will bring us to nowhere or we can decide to step back and reassess where we are.

When we are stepping back, we can see the bigger picture. Realizing the mate or the job we were going after wasn’t meant to be ours or it wasn’t for our highest good. It is when we have found the right mate for example, we are having that moment when we come to our senses. Thinking about the person we were chasing after wasn’t right for us. We have found happiness with someone that was right for us.

The same applies for a job we might have wanted so badly was given to someone else, afterword you are realizing the manager wasn’t great. Perhaps the new job you took instead was the dream job you wanted. You would not trade it for the job you chased after.

We can at time lose track of what is right for us, falling into the abyss of the illusional world. When you take the time to speak with your spirit, listening to the universe, trusting in the process you might surprise yourself. Life can change for the better when you are willing to do the right thing for yourself.

The universe wants what is best for us. When are our own worst enemy when we let our ego take the driver’s seat?  We need to step back and release and then follow our spirit, miracles will come into our lives if we are willing to step back.