Living outside the box

lifeI am a star in the night that shines brightly, learning to inspire others along their journey. Elevating myself to higher energy. Keeping myself grounded and whole, having faith for a better tomorrow. Believing we can accomplish so much more when we are inspired.

We are limitless, we can co-create with the universe a better tomorrow for everyone. Becoming the trailblazers, we are meant to be. Teaching each other, being open to listen to what others are sharing.

We can innovate when we are disrupting the order the illusion world has set. Creations come from wanting to improve our lives. Helping others to heal, becoming the magician that is chasing after the stars.

Becoming the child again dreaming big and bold. We do not have to feel awkward when we are a visionary. Instead, use our visions to design new technologies that might help us to move forward. Let us evolve for our highest good and the highest good of everyone.

We should be always let our imagination run free. When we do that we are connecting with the universe. It is a great way to remind us we need to connect with our spirit. Our creativity helps us to imagine a better world.

We do not have to become a robot, instead, let’s go play again. Enjoying the infinite possibility, we might actually do something different.

Walking into uncharted territory can make us uncomfortable, but it is a great way for us to walk outside of our routine. We cannot learn new skills if we are hiding away in our comfort zone.

As a shy person, I am pushing myself to open up via my writing and podcast. It is something for someone like me, challenging, but at the same time rewarding because I have pushed beyond it.

Why not share the wisdom of the universe with everyone?