I am alive

lifeI do not want to chase the day, I do not want to hide away. I have been upside down in my life trying to find paradise on the ground.  All I had was nothing to start with, but with determination and my imagination, I changed the course of my life. I refused to hide away, I became the beacon of love in the harsh world I lived in.

I refused to become something I wasn’t. I accepted my spirit, my prolific mind, I learned to control my energies. I created magic in my life and my loved one, I surprised everyone by elevating myself.

I never gave up on myself, I believed in my gifts, in my skills. I pushed myself beyond the limits, I smiled at adversities. I embraced dark necessity, I became invisible, unsinkable. I reinvented myself, becoming a chameleon.

Never surrendering but becoming the shaker, the mover. Embracing each bold move that helped me to be on my path. Never listening to the negativity, the illusion world sent me. Instead use it to archive my goals.

Learning to dream big, feeling the universe supporting me along my journey. Hearing the encouragement to continue to push forward. Creating a safe environment for me, never allowing anyone to dictate my life.

Listening to the whispers of the universe, letting my spirit guide me into darkness. Facing the storms that helped me to mature and grow. Understanding we are all on a different path, embracing unconditional love.

Smiling at the peaceful space I created for my love ones. Feeling the need to salute the universe for its sense of humor. Accepting I am one of the dominos that can change my outer condition and help others to become the better part of them.

Always elevating myself to let the better part of me shine.