Our storms

lifeWhen life takes a toll on you, you might lose your sense of humor. In my case, I never lost it even at my worst. I always found it helpful to laugh and joke about the situation. By doing that I did not tense my body allowing my brain to have the same amount of oxygen.

It helped me to stay calmer in the face of chaos. Having faced so many storms in my life, I had to learn to cope with the stress. You cannot add more toxicity in your body, spirit and emotion.

Having a chaotic life, we need to learn to center ourselves and becoming the water. Learning to bring the peace in our lives. I have learned to deal with situation by stepping back so I could see the bigger picture.

I had moved on quickly in some of them and others I took the time to reflect on them. Infusing the situation with peace so the other party could feel it but also changing the outer condition. We do not need to scream at each other, instead, take time off so you can calm down, than resolve the situation.

We do not have to swing at each other to get what we want, instead, to give it to the universe. We do not have to become sour and resentful, we have to remind ourselves a doored close is not the end instead we need to look at the ones that are open.

We do not need to feel we have to be perfect at everything. We can start messy and learn from there. Life has so many opportunities for us to succeed, why not let the magic of the universe enter our lives today?

Our storms are what helps us to grow and mature.