Pushing the limits

lifeThere is something about everything that can help us to believe in ourselves. When we feel the walls are closing in on us, we can reach deep in our core to get the warrior in us to help us to stand up on our own two feet.

We do not have to close our heart, becoming numb. We need to feel alive, going through painful situations we might want to try to protect ourselves. Dimming the light that is in us, thinking this is the right thing to do. But sooner or later we are realizing by doing so we are not allowing our spirit to be free.

We can get hurt but we need to learn to let it go. When we are caught in the landslide, we might want to lose it for good. Letting go for good, but when we learn to forgive and learn to move on we can help ourselves to become who we are meant to be.

I have learned some difficult life lessons in the most horrendous ways. Some I saw coming, others I knew about it but ignored the signs. The lessons were horrific, but it was part of my learning process.

It did not mean it was the end of me, instead it taught me to have faith in the universe. It also brought me to the understanding that I was done on that leg of my journey. I needed to move on into a different direction.

I had wished some of the lessons where not as difficult to face but again the silver lining was to be able to heal my wounds. Letting go of the hatred I had to face and let love in my life. Learning to continue to push forward.

Becoming more determined to reach my dreams, my goal. Even if I was close to giving up finding the strength to push beyond what I thought would not have been possible for me to do.   But I did it.