High hopes

LifeFor the very first time I feel safe to jump into the unknown, into uncharted territory. I can dream big and bold, I have learned to become my spirit. Inspiring myself to do more, to archive new heights.

Not being afraid to take the leap of faith, instead I have become my spirit. Embracing all facets, never feeling caged but instead standing on the top of the mountain. Feeling the inspiration, the love from the universe. Having compassion for what I have done in my life. Letting me be free to experiment, becoming the painter. Choosing the colors for my new piece of art, mixing the colors that are inspiring.

Having broken the walls of illusion, I have fused with the universe. Learning to lose myself in my own creativity. Letting the universe guide me along my journey, becoming a child again. Love will take me higher and higher. I am fearless, I have become who I am meant to be.

Enjoying life as it comes, not planning my life but letting perfect synchronicity guide me along my journey. I dance along my journey, knowing I have awakened the alchemist in me. Ready to co-create with the universe.

Becoming the better part of me, inspiring others to become their true self. Living an authentic life, never living a life full of regrets but instead learning from my life lessons. Expanding my skill sets, improving my outer conditions.

Becoming the believer, the shaker and mover I am to change the world for the better. Connecting with others to infuse this world with love. Opening the doors of opportunity, reinventing myself to explore new adventures.

When we are breaking free from the world of illusion, we can reach deep in our core the strengths we need to move forward. We need high hope and believe we can accomplish what seems to be impossible.

We can inspire each other when we take the time to see through the eyes of love.