Living our lives to the fullest

lifeLiving on my own terms comes with its perks, not being dependent on others. Not needing anyone’s’ approval. Instead, turning inward, into my spirit for guidance. As it might be strange for some others to think we have gone crazy by doing that instead we are inviting peace into our lives.

We are not feeling competitive against each other, we are learning to accept others and taking care of our own business. There is no greater satisfaction to live our dreams every single day. Making a difference in this world without having to justify who we are.

I have never felt more freedom along my journey as when I was doing it from my spirit. Just living my life to the fullest on the edge of the ego world. Finding beauty in nature, taking the time to stop everything and be present in my body.

Nothing is more empowering than feeling happy and free. The inspiration that comes from it is a source of wealth. Being connected with the divine, grounds you, it doesn’t mean you are losing your silliness or sense of humor, not at all. Instead your laughter is becoming contagious. Your happiness infuses others at a deeper level.

Your calmness is a Havre de paix for others to come and rest. You are becoming a beacon of love. People are attracted to your vibes, you are feeling the connection with everyone and everything.

Realizing we are a piece on the chess board of life, we are all connected. Some people will cross our path while others won’t, we have a life purpose we must fulfilled.

Our passions drive us to dream big, to follow our inspiration wherever it takes us. Not feeling ashamed or foolish. Instead we are more than happy to walk into uncharted territory. Ready to embrace what is coming our way. Life has so much more to offer why not take the sweet nectar and enjoy it today? Live your life through your spirit.