Act of kindness

lifeActs of kindness are done all around the world with or without being noticed. The universe, however, sees everything. Rewarding us when a good deed is done for another human or animal.

We have much to learn when we are doing that, it could be easy or not for some of us to spend money or time to help, but sometimes a simple gesture or word of encouragement can change someone’s life.

We might be able to rescue animals to give them a better life.  Teaching them we are not all bad. Taking care of the world is what we should be doing not only for the next generation but for ourselves.

It might seem, from where we are, we can go into the streets and demonstrate our disagreement but what is more powerful is being able to actually do something that will help. Walking around with a sign is nice but putting our words into action will have a bigger impact.  Remember, “Actions Speak Louder than Words”.

We can spend some time working for a shelter or a cause that will help others to stand on their own two feet. We can contribute to raise money for a charity that will provide animal conservation or vets without borders that teach people how to care for animals. Rescuing endangered species from extinction. Stopping animal trade for their skins.

There is so much more we can do, we don’t have to travel around the world to accomplished things, we can simply look at our own community and help there.

Making a difference even if it’s a couple of hours to help a child to do their homework will change someone’s life.

We do not need to wait for the next natural catastrophe to help or become part of the movement to change the world. We can do it at any level without a parade following us. On my website you can find some of the charities that I support. I contributed to a book and all profits go to a charity, I have signed up to collaborate with another book that will have all of the profits going to charity. My monthly contribution to PGMAG is another way to give back.

So why don’t you start today to contribute to some good things in this world?