Learning while riding the storm

lifeBelieving in ourselves can be extremely challenging when no one does. Seeking to be loved in the wrong places, feeling alone in the world. Having to face too many storms while you are still barely recovering from the last one.

Life has its challenges but what makes us or break us is how much we are willing to continue to stand and face those storms.

It can be discouraging to have to do it all over again. Feeling it is not fair for us to face them again and again.  What is amazing and beautiful is when you are reaching deep in your core. You can wake up the warrior that is dormant in you.

Not letting you give up but instead giving you the courage to push forward into darkness without realizing you have actually opened your spirit. Learning to become one more facet that was hidden from you.

It might seem unfair or cruel to face the storms that have been laid in front of us. But in order to change, the universe has to take us apart to put us back together. It might feel like we are being torn apart. But it is necessary for us to go through it, it helps us to become who we are.

When reaching the other side, we are feeling different, our view in our outer condition has changed. We have learned to elevate ourselves, changing our priorities for the better.

We need to keep going, we need to keep pushing. The light at the end of the tunnel is near, in order to change our path, we need to face those storms. Without them we would not be able to grow and become the better part of us.

Have faith during this transition, the universe is watching over us. We are not alone in our journey. Lean on the universe and learn to co-create a better life for yourself. Live your life through your spirit.