My personal thoughts

LifeI do not have to become the most popular kid on the playground, I just have to be myself. I do not have the needs to please everyone, just keeping myself authentic. I do not have to start a war with the ego world, I can speak freely. I do not have to be worried about tomorrow, I have faith it is going to be a better day. I do not have to wonder if I am good enough, I am on the quest to discover my spirit.

I do not have to comply with the ego world rules, I set myself free by walking on my own path. I do not seek anyone’s approval but being accountable for my actions. I do not try to change others but become a source of wisdom from the universe. I do not try to live a life of illusion but a life of love and peace.

I do not spend my time traveling in lower energy but instead elevate myself to higher ground. I do not feel the world is against me when facing a storm but learning to move forward with the support of the universe.

I do not want to be told where I should go but instead let my spirit guide me along my journey. I do not have the time to waste with people who do not want to evolve or change instead I’d rather spend my time helping others that need to be inspired.

I do not wait for someone to rescue me, I move forward to help myself, to change my own outer condition. I do not expect someone to clean up my messes, I do it myself, learning my life lessons one at the time.

I do not want to repeat banging my head against a doored close instead I learned to step back and see which one is actually opened for me to move forward. I do not live with regrets, instead I am focusing on my hopes and dreams to push myself beyond the limits.