Surprising us

lifeSometimes we can be surprised by what is happening to us in a positive way. Feeling we are riding the wave of our lives. When everything is in perfect synchronicity, the universe is supporting us along the way.

It is always nice to feel supported on our life mission. Finding the right person on our path, making our journey more agreeable. Those times are precious, it helps us to move forward quickly. Living our own dreams, feeling connected with the universe.

Nothing else matters, just the positivity we are adding to the world. Infusing more beauty in the world. We are one with the universe connecting at the deepest level. Feeling light like a feather moving slowly in the air.

We are beauty, kindness when we are in synch with our spirit. Peace and love surrounding us like a cocoon being bath in those energies appease our heart, our ego. We have no need to go to battle fighting the illusional world.

Instead we are weightless, feeling unconditional love in every cell, being happy to be alive. Ready to create our next experience. Having faith, we are on the right path and the universe is always here to guide us.

Learning to let go of the past, not dwelling on lost opportunities but instead creating new ones that will surpass our expectation.

If we let ourselves be guided by our spirit, we are walking into the magic the universe has for us. Opening the door to become limitless, there is nothing more empowering than discovering the energy of freedom, of creativity that lay in front of us.

Why should we always trying to become what we are not but instead start to become the better part of us. Having the strength to stand on our own two feet, regardless of what storms are waiting for us to face.

Always speaking our truth by opening our heart and let our spirit be.