Life is a balancing act

lifeLife is a balance act we need to learn to master. The road on our journey can take us through many storms that change our perspective in life. We still have to find the right balance to become whole.

Spending our time at work to the detriment of our personal life doesn’t help us to become who we are meant to be. We can be passionate about what we are doing but we cannot lose our identity by focusing only on work.

I was taught as a young child to work hard in life. Most of my life I spent working forgetting who I was and taking care of my own garden. Spending all my time to respond to the demands I had at work.

I forgot to learn to play, to release my inner child. It only came later on when I started to take care of my spirit. As we are being taught by our parents our outer conditions, we should also take the time to listen to our spirit.

Stepping back now I have learned to find the middle ground between my work and my personal life. It is actually a great life lesson, when you are spending too much time in your professional life but not enough in your personal life.

Finding that right balance can be challenging when you have two jobs trying to make ends meet. You can, however, try to find 30 minutes for yourself that will be a great start. It can be just sitting and reading a book or just having a walk into nature.

But we need to be able to find a compromise for us to recharge our energy not feeling burned out. It is up to us to decide how we want to conduct our lives, but we need to make sure we are still connecting with our loved ones. Nothing is more precious than to stay connected with them.