It is never too late

LifeNo dreams are ever too small or too big, everything is possible if we put our mind into it. If we look back, we could say, what if the founders of Apple did not believe in themselves? What if they succumbed to the obstacles they faced and walked away? Would you think technology smartphones would exist?

This is the kind of question you must ask yourself, if we are not dreaming how can we materialized everything? How can we improve our lives and the lives of others? How can we evolve? How can we become what we are meant to be?

Listening to the ego world will not help anyone to become who they are meant to be. Evolution will not be happening, instead we would be stepping into the conforming of the robot’s world. Our thoughts would be overwritten to become like the cyborg, one monotone colorless world.

Each one of us is part of the consciousness that makes us unique like a piece in the giant puzzle. We are all different but at the same time are all connected, what sets us apart is the fact we are bringing different views and skill sets into the world.

We are completing each other to become one. We can create beauty, love and life if we are aligning ourselves. We are creativity, we are the divine, we are the extension of the universe. While having our own free will.

We can build or destroy, we can love or hate, we can embrace or reject. It is our choice to create the life we are living. What sets us apart is not what we look like, but instead if we are living our lives through our spirit sharing the love and kindness or through our ego where we are living our lives feeling we are not good enough or we are superior to everyone, closing our hearts and the connection to the universe.

It is never too late to dream big, it is never too late to learn to live your live through your spirit. It is never too late to truly be happy and learn to co-create with the universe to make a better life for us. It is never too late to learn to love.