Being our own self

lifeBeing our own spirit can be challenging, especially when we are living in the ego world. Individuality might be challenged by the rules that have been created by that world. But when you are living a life wearing a mask you are blocking yourself to expand your wings.

Taming the beautiful light within you, living a fraudulent life.  Becoming a stranger when you are looking at your reflection in the mirror. When you are living your life in an authentic way, you are at peace. You do not feel you have to justify who you are, even though the ego world will feel threatened by you. You should not give away your power and dimmed the light.

Instead you should send them love and walk away. Your life and views are always going to be different, but you will feel more in tune with the universe. Being happy and grounded is the most beautiful way to be.

Your light will shine, people will be attracted to you for your positivity. Life has so much more to offer when you are open to live your life to the fullest. Co-creating with the universe provides us with unlimited possible experiences we are all seeking.

As we are moving forward in our lives we are evolving and maturing. So are our gifts and skills, we have to be reminded we are limitless. Learning to be the alchemist we are, the magician that can transform our life for the better.

We have no need to compete against each other, but we are learning to share the bounty the universe has with everyone. Becoming all and complete, in touch with mother nature. Understanding the bigger picture, we are all connected but also love is the biggest lessons we must learn.

Giving back to the world in a positive way, walking away from the negativity. Becoming the beautiful spirit, we are meant to be.