Becoming my own light

lifeLearning to be present in the moment can be challenging, we can try to project ourselves in the future not realizing we are not helping ourselves in the long run. Instead, we need to step back and change the way we are thinking.

We can only change our future if we are present in our lives. Learning to co-create with the universe for a better experience. We are meant to be glorious and beautiful, we can learn to shift our thoughts for our happy ending.

We can build resilience by believing in our passion, letting ourselves be guided by our spirit. Learning to lean on the universe to provide what we need, by taking the first step towards our dreams.

Becoming the dreamers, the movers, the shakers we are supposed to be. Never taking a No as the last word, but instead stepping back to see what doors will open when we are facing closed doors.

Forgiving our past, our poor actions, by making amends. Cleaning our own garden our entourage, listening to the voice that is playing in our head. Willing to change our patterns, our habits to let the magic of the world enter into our lives.

Not being afraid to step into the unknown, making life decisions that will help us to reach the holy ground. Making conscious choices to choose to live a more peaceful life. Not willing to compromise who we are but instead learn to live a more authentic life.

Being respectful of our spirit and the world we are living in. Realizing we are not going to always agree with everyone but acknowledge others, even if we are not completely understanding them.

Bring peace into our heart every single day, refusing to ride the ego “hamster’s wheel” to be part of the illusionary world. Instead, creating our own path, our own legacy by becoming who we are meant to be. Becoming our beautiful light and let it shine.