Living my life

lifeWe should not try to justify our lives to everyone. When you are starting to do that, seeking approval, you are giving away your powers. You are limiting yourselves to the endless opportunities the universe has to offer.

Too often we are being ridiculed by others who do not understand us or plainly are living their lives through their egos. It can be someone close to you or not.  As a young child I always felt I was the little odd duck in the bunch. Too tall, too skinny, too shy not fitting in the world I was living in.

I had my mind filled with dreams, as I grew older the gap between my mother and I grew even wider. It did not bother me, but she made some comments to people close to me that I was mentally unstable. Hearing that would have hurt me but instead I smiled because I knew she had no clue who I was. One more label that would not stick on me, because I would not let her, or anyone upset me. I could see the gap between the two of us continuing to grow.

Having endured what I had gone through as young child, it did, indeed, prepare me to not listen to what people would saying  or thinking about me. Just by living my life the way I intended to grounded me. Along my journey I have met my circle of light, people who would be part of my inner circle. Becoming my family, my inspiration to continue on my journey.

I never felt more a live and so are most people living on the edge of the ego world that never have to justify who we are. Since I do not want to be labeled , I never gave a second thought nor power to someone who felt I wasn’t good enough or skilled enough or pretty enough by their standards.

Instead I decided to continue to grow and mature, learning to live my life to the fullest and being happy.