We need peace in our lives

lifeI am the giant walking into the plain roaming freely, enjoying a moment of peace and reflection. Removing myself from the busy world. I slowdown my life to finally listen what nature has to say, it is a peaceful moment where I can just let my imagination wanders.

Letting my creative self-run wild, unleashing the love that is within me. Inspiring me by discovering the majestic nature that surrounds me. I quiet my ego so I can hear what the universe has to share with me today.

One important word the universe is sharing is peace, learning to live in peace. Making peace within us can help us to create a peaceful world. We do not have to live in a cave or remote areas to be able to archive it.

Instead through our thoughts and actions we should be made ourselves aware of what kind of energy are we projecting into this world. Are we grounded and whole feeling the calm waters or are we the raging river ready to burst out of its bed to invade everything around us with negative energies?

In order to make peace we need to let go of what have hurt us in the past and present. Making peace is taking back our powers. Not letting anyone or anything have a grip upon us, forgiveness or letting go is not a sign of weakness but a sign of wisdom and growth.

If we are spending our time living in hatred towards people and the world in general, we are not opening our heart to receive the goodness the universe and the world has to offer instead we are taming the beautiful light that is our spirit.

We are not healing our wounds but adding more pain to ourselves. How do we overcome that, be learning to let our ego a sleep, becoming the beacon of love by letting our heart open? Not feeling afraid if we are opening our spirit someone is going to hurt us but instead accepting our beautiful self. From there the energy of peace will come upon us washing all the negative energies away from us.

Be open to become the student of life, learning a setback is not a failure but way for us to learn and grow. Instead of filling our minds with negativity, unplug your social media and learn the basics by reconnecting with everyone spirit to spirit. Discover we are all equals and humans regardless of the ways, shape or form we are.

Learn to lead with your heart and let your spirit speaks to you.