Learning to love and be loved

lifeDiscovering new heights in our day-to-day lives. Nothing is more rewarding than giving unconditional love to anyone. We do not have to become a monk or a priest to do that. We as human beings should be working on how to send and receive unconditional love.

Not many people are genuinely doing it. Unconditional love cannot be fake, bought or negotiated. It should be given without ties attached. This beautiful energy is the most powerful healing energy coming from the universe through us.

We can heal one another, I use unconditional for all my animals the most beautiful moment is when you are looking into their eyes. You can see how much they love you back. This beautiful golden thread is so strong it cannot be destroyed.

Why not start today by learning to open our hearts to let our spirit be free and connect with the universe. There is so much magic we can receive from the universe when we are connected. We can improve our lives, we can shift our outer condition. Have the understanding why we are here. What is our life purpose and also creating our own experience?

Not seeking to be loved in the wrong place. Healing our past to be grounded and whole, getting our powers back. Learning we can stand on our own two feet, not fearing or worrying about tomorrow.

We need to believe in ourselves even when no one else does. Nothing is more powerful than leaning on the universe’s “shoulder” to gain the strength we need. As you are walking in darkness keep the light of love burning strong. Nothing is ever permanent especially when you are infusing it with positivity and love.