Choosing our own path

lifeWhen our hearts are full of pain and resentment towards everyone and everything, we are not allowing ourselves to change our outer condition for the better. Instead we are heading straight on into the spiral of negativity. Living with a closed heart disconnecting from the universe and the power of healing.

We all have a different path, from the time we are born to the time we are going to cross over back home. During this period, we have a chance to change our outer condition, regardless of what most people think.

If we are focused on looking at other’s lives, we might find some have an easy ride in their life. Being born in the right place, nothing to be worried about while others have a lot to overcome. This is something our spirit has chosen for us. We should not be looking at what others have but instead focus on what we have in our lives and what storms we must face.

So how do we overcome the needs to look at others and being at peace within ourselves, instead of resentful and jealous? By realizing this is their journey and wishing them well, then turn our focus towards what we really would like to do. One thing most people are forgetting is the universe.

Yes, the universe, we need to learn to co-create and believe in ourselves. Seeing what we cannot see by imagining it has already happened. For example, if you are seeing yourself with wealth, imagining what you would be doing with it. Embodying that energy to have plenty of. …The universe will respond to you by sending you the wealth in the form of work, a raise or something along those lines.

Instead of worrying on how you are going to pay your bills imagine and repeat as a mantra in your head. All my bills are paid, I have plenty of money in my bank and checking account. When I moved 20 plus years ago. I had two jobs, started with nothing I moved in a one-bedroom apartment. I did not have a bed, so I slept for a month on the floor. I had a comforter, sheets and blanket. I had no furniture in the living room nor the kitchen. I had towels for the bathroom and kitchen supplies. A friend of mine was moving out of his apartment ready to go back to Milano so he gave me his brand-new mattress. I had a car payment to make on top of my rent and a small loan I took to get me started. With both of my salaries it wasn’t possible for me to pay everything and feed myself. But somehow, I managed to pay my bills and more. I always repeated while seeing myself making the checks that I had plenty of money. There was no lack of…. Every month I would repeat it, every month all my bills were paid off.

If you have a lack of.. why not use my mantra and replace it with what you need! When I look back at that time, I knew without the help of the universe I would not have been able to do it. I am grateful and thankful for the help I received and still continue to receive.  

As a young child I never cared if the people around us had everything, I never envied or expressed any kind of jealousy, instead I focused on my dreams. If everyone would mind their own business, it would be a better world but also you would accomplish so much more.