The flip side of social media

lifeWe are surrounded by high-speed internet, social media where everyone can say or do almost everything. While the level of consciousness is still rising, the younger generation, aka millennial have been born into it. Not fully grasping what is and is not, most of them thinking this is how we communicate amongst each other.

With that comes the positive side of social medias, staying in touch with our loved ones if they are far away or connecting easily with new people around the world which would not have been possible unless you were traveling abroad. You can also discover countries, cultures, images of beautiful flowers and so on.

With this positive search we can elevate ourselves higher. Discovering the beauty, the world has to offer. We would never have the possibilities without spending a dime opening the door for us to dream. Expanding our horizon and knowledge making us aware of others but also how fragile our world is.

On the flip slide, what social media can do is being used and abused by bullying others. Spraying negativity across the boards hiding being a screen. Hurting others without realizing that projecting negativity will come back to them ten times over. It is always easier to do harm than good, spiraling down the darkness full of hate and resentment. Being stuck in that state of mind, clouded by their ego, not being able to see what they are doing is playing against them.

We can continue to spread this kind of verbiage towards the net or social media, but it is not going to help you or the person you are targeting for no good reason. Hate is never going to win no matter how much time and effort someone puts into it.  Love has always bridged the gap between each other. It will continue to do so until the end of time.

When you are acting in a negative way you are dimming the light, closing the door for your spirit to shine. Instead you are inviting darkness, negativity into your life. People will not follow you but instead walk away from you. For the haters that are hiding behind a screen you will be discovered sooner or later. Being exposed to even more hate towards your actions. Why should you want to go through that? We call it Karma or a taste of your own medicine, the universe will not allow anyone to get away with this kind of behavior.

Why not stop what you are doing and instead let love enter your heart and life? We can feel alone and rejected in our lives, but it doesn’t mean this will last. When you are elevating your energies and thoughts you are shifting your outer condition. It takes time and work to get where you need to be. Instead of looking at what others have or do not have.  Why don’t you focus on what you would like to experience next?

Life is too short and precious to spend our time in negativity. When you realized how much time you have spent trolling others for nothing, you will never get it back.