The light inside of us

lifeThere is a light and a fire within each of us.  This combination can light up like the north star in the darkness guiding us along in our journey. We can choose to ignore it, or we can embrace it.

I had chosen to embrace it at a young age, it helped me to uncover who I was. But by embracing it did not stop me for being misunderstood by my family and parts of the world. It was not easy to not fit in because my spirit was free, I was at a different level.

As I was watching people, I found it difficult to relate to them because I had merged with the universe, with the wisdom of the infinite. I was already co-creating my own experience. I wasn’t aligning with the ego world but with the universe.

The journey I had taken wasn’t easy, it was full of obstacles, but I was too far gone on my path that it wasn’t an option to turn around. I felt if I were to turn back, my soul would die slowly. So, I kept moving forward, facing the world of illusion head on.

I have no regrets. Pushing myself beyond my limits has been rewarding. Opening the world to becoming weightless and limitless. Understanding we are all connected, we do not need anyone’s approval to live our lives to the fullest.

Embracing my true self has helped me to connect with the world, with mother earth. Understanding there is no lack of, but plenty of.

There is so much joy and peace when you are walking on holy ground.  I have never felt more empowered now that I am fully grounded. Connecting the four chambers of my heart and letting my inner child play. We can accomplish so much more when we are living an authentic life.