My personal thoughts

Life I was born to be myself, I am not a robot nor a follower. What inspires me is my spirit, what makes me get up in the morning is my passion. What drives me is the warrior in me. I will not tell you my story today because it would take more than this blog to do that.

What makes my heart beat? My connection with the universe. What enrages me? The suffering of animals reduced to be living in cages out of their element. The exploitation of children and adults of any kind or form. Abuses that happen at any level to anyone including animals.

What puts my heart at ease and peace? Watching animals roaming free in their environment. Catching the smile of a child that is happy, playing freely.

What makes me grounded? Connecting at a deeper level with mother nature, watching it as an observer and seeing the wonders and beauty she has to offer.

What pushes me on my holy ground? Being present in my life and doing what I am meant to be doing.  Not worrying about tomorrow but instead co-creating with the universe, regardless of what the rest of the world thinks.

Speaking and writing freely whatever the universe wants to share. Finding the beauty in this chaotic world. Stopping time to synchronize myself with the universe, living with the energy of freedom. Finding myself more alive than ever, ready to create more than ever. Never stop elevating myself to the universe. Rising myself above lower energy, inspiring others to do the same.

Living in harmony in the middle of the world, slowing myself to savor every minute of it. Being kind to others by smiling and acknowledging them. Turning my back to anything and anyone that is not for my highest good.

Feeling whole and complete, moving across the stage that is my life like a ballerina.