Paving the way for you

roadToday is the day I get back to you. I have been doing great, riding the wave of my life. Ready to face what is coming next with excitement and apprehension. I am ready to jump into the unknown. I have become your wonder-wall so you do not have to experience what I have gone through. I am the one that can help you by guiding you on your path.

Regardless how much darkness you see around you, remember to keep pushing forward. The light is right in front of you even though you cannot see it yet. You have proven to the universe you are maturing. You have not given up but instead reached deep inside of you to find the spark the strength you needed to continue to move forward.

Nothing will ever stay there forever, you need to believe in yourself. Become the magician the alchemist. Open your heart and eyes, the world is not what you thought it was. Instead infuse love in your thoughts.

Become the kindness the world needs, let your colors shine. Become the positive beacon in the world. Raise your energies, learn to ground yourself.

Let the universe show you beauty, open your arms to receive it. Ask the universe for help, welcome it with a smile and gratitude. Always thank the universe for each day you are walking on earth.

You are making a difference, you are inspiring someone. Becoming the gentle soul you are, listening to the music the world is singing. Watch mother nature at her best, connect with other spirits.

Leave your pain and sorrow behind, let the power of unconditional love heal you. Learn your life lessons so you can move on in life. Never let anyone hold power over you, you are too precious for anyone to hurt you.

Live your life in peace.  I have paved the way for you to shine like star in the night sky along side of me.