Do you know me?

lifeYou don’t know my mind, you don’t know who I am. Unless, when I am ready, I will show you who I truly am. Living in the dark is part of my design, my necessity to survive. Nothing will ever uncover who I am.

Only oneself can open up and show their true colors. With a society that constraints most of us to live on the edge off it. We are more than happy to oblige, nothing can force us to go back in that world. Instead, we are finding ourselves playing like we should be.

Becoming more creative and artistic regardless of what the ego world is thinking. We are all capable to create beauty and wonder in our lives. We do not need anyone to judge us or apply a stamp of approval on what we do or think.

Moving through life is difficult enough why should we become part of the robot world? We need to be free, to let our creativity grow and mature. We can do so much more when we are not feeling oppressed by a system that will not allow us to be ourselves.

The world needs order but do we need to be living at a lower energy frequency?  Do we have to try to become who we are not? Should we all be running after the same shiny object?

Not really, we all have different visions of what we should be doing. We all have different dreams. Living our lives through our spirit is the compass we need to uncover who we are. How can we live happily in this world if we are not allowed to let our spirit be free?

How a society that wants to teach compassion and kindness can possibly do that, if we cannot appreciate who we are? How can you teach a kid what love is if you are spending you time to walk on everyone’s head?

How can a sense of fairness be in full play when everyone is self-centered?