Stepping out of the ego world

LifeAll the glitter in the world will not change who you truly are. We can try to play a role in our life by wearing a mask but sooner or later this mask will become obsolete. Letting your spirit shine is the way you want to feel to be happy.

There is nothing more grounding than becoming who we are meant to be. Regardless what the ego has planned, we can step outside of it. Letting the hamster’s ego of the world running on the wheel for nothing. When you decide to step aside a new world is opening up to you. Giving you the possibility to change the experiences you are in. You are starting to understand you are multi-dimensional there is more to you than the eyes can see. When you close your eyes, you are transported into the infinite world of possibilities.

When you start expanding your wings, you’ re starting to expand your world. When you finally reach this state, you are ready to fly and move along on your journey. Becoming the beautiful butterfly, that colorful light, that is your spirit.

The world is shifting as you change your thoughts, you are elevating your energies to becoming one with the universe. There is no greater sense of euphoria you will ever experience in your life time. Even chemicals will not elevate you to this Nirvana state of mind.

Life has so much more to offer when we are not being manipulated by the illusional world. We do not need to prove who we are but instead becoming this beautiful diamond ready to shine in the sky.

Opening the doors to infinite possibilities is what we are meant to be doing. Letting our spirit be free, connecting at the deepest level. Learning to love unconditionally, being respectful of the order of the universe.

We can do so much more in our lives if we start becoming who we are meant to be, so why not do it today?