The better part of me

lifeDiscovering the better part of me was overshadowed by the life I have chosen. It might take a lifetime to discover our better side. But our outer conditions should not deter us from seeking who we truly are. It helps us to dig deep inside of ourselves to show us what we are made of.

It might not be pretty, but we can start with what we have at the beginning. We feel like the world is against us, when you learn to go back inside of ourselves and reach deep, we can find that light, that “havre de paix” we are looking for.

As a young child I lived a better part of it reclusively, we did not have too many friends and my mother never co-mingled with anyone. Instead, we learned to count on ourselves, it might sound harsh or maybe socially awkward but at the end of the day it was, perhaps, not such a bad thing.

It helped me to become the chameleon I am, learning to do things instead of waiting for someone to do it. Always trying to find a way to get things done and pushing forward. The anger inside of me got me focusing on my happy ending. I did not want to become sour about life, about people.

Living a life as a creative person I had plenty of imaginary friends that helped me through bad times. I learned to lean on the universe. I made peace with my childhood, with the life we had to go through, but also it helped me to find my circle of light; the people I can really lean and count on.

I did not have the need to seek in the illusional world of the ego for fake friendships. Instead I took the time to find the people that would inspire me to move forward.

I have found the better part of me by surrendering the pain and hurt I went through. To finally center myself and become a happier person by keeping on pushing the boundaries and doing the impossible.