Surfing the waves

lifeWhen the flow of creativity and inspiration hits you, it’s like surfing the biggest waves the ocean has to offer. The rush of energy that comes through you makes you feel so alive. As you are riding this monster down you are feeling the wind blowing in your face. You are happy and smiling as you are surfing, feeling weightless.

You are so inspired, you can feel every single cell in your body. Your awareness is at its peak, you are just enjoying this blissful moment. The exhalation is off the charts, you are now one with the universe. You have opened your mind to become limitless, breaking the glass walls that were surrounding you.

Feeling the energy of freedom passing through your body, you are in a state of pure creativity. You are the alchemist, the magician of your own destiny. You are channeling the creator transforming it into pure art.

You are the trailblazer, the bold dreamer that has stepped up to share it with the world. You have become your spirit. As you are looking around you, it has become clearer you are on holy ground. Feeling the sun on your skin, the beauty of the universe opening on in front of you.

You are the first domino that will trigger others to do the same, you have finally found the sparks that strengthen your core to move forward to become the light in the darkness. Moving like the water, showing its strength and flexibility.

You have listened to your spirit, answering its’ calling. The universe in its perfect synchronicity has opened the door for you to archive it. It is time for you to be on the ride of your life, surfing the wave that is yours to fulfill your life purpose, your mission.

Why not start today?