My life my balance

lifeLife is a balancing act, as we are moving along in our journey having to learn to find equilibrium. At times we think we have mastered the universe through a plan we have put in motion, thinking this is what we are going to be archiving.

We need to be flexible and willing to go with the flow when it is necessary for us to make the changes in our lives that we need to continue to evolve. Not every day will be chaotic but when we are starting to shift in our path chaos will come along to shake things up or down.  We can feel at times we are in a wind tunnel, upside down. This is what is required of us to be able to stretch ourselves to the breaking point keeping our focus on our dreams and our goals.

Nothing is ever given to us without a lesson behind it. We are never having a free ride, but we must have the ride of our lives when we are in synch with our life purpose. It may feel at times we are moving faster than everyone else around us.

When we are driven by our passion, we actually are accelerating the process to get there. The universe in its perfect synchronicity will provide us the resources we need and more to continue in our journey.

Why not start learning today to be grounded and becoming the water able to adapt to any situation that is coming toward us. Co-creating with the universe, controlling the song that is playing in our heads to stay positive.

Learning to be present in our lives, enjoying every single moment we are sharing with our loved ones. Becoming kind and compassionate, shifting our thoughts to becoming limitless and continuing to juggle our daily lives.