My spirit my lion

lifeI do not like to follow rules when it comes to creativity, we have our own distinctive style. Some people will connect with it or not. But trying to have the establishment dictate how we should do things has a tendency to wake up the naughty little duck in me.

This little devil in me will have a tantrum by defying anything that doesn’t want to let me be free. I do not like to be told what to do but even less when it comes to writing, podcasting or any other type of creative ways we all have.

I will poke at the bear by standing tall, shouting at its face, making sure I will continue to stand up in my own way by pushing the boundaries. I do not care much what the ego world has to say. I am proud to stand on the edge of it living my life to the fullest.

Enjoying every minute, I created, not feeling attached too or labeled to something that I am not. Trying to define me will, well, be a declaration of “war” against my spirit. I do not want to be tied to anything, I want to continue to enjoy my freedom.

When you are a creative person like we all are, we should not be surrounded by walls that obstruct our view and imagination. Instead, we should be like the lion roaming free on the plains. We should not be caged in a zoo or by a private collector thinking it is a good pet to have until it has become full grown to become the majestic animal it was meant to be, living in the savanna of Africa. Then, that private collector either neglects or abuses the poor animal. No animal should be hunted for the joy of selfish people that want to pay big bucks just for the fake thrill “I did it” when in fact you only are disrupting the order of the universe. But that is another blog….

Our spirit should not be treated as a mistake, a defect that needs to be tamed or killed. What makes us unique is our spirit. We are all different and beautiful, why should we hide that? Why should we comply to a world that doesn’t allow us to become who we are meant to be?  Why not start our own revolution by letting our spirit be today?