Let love infuse our hearts

lifeLet the love grow inside of you, learn to heal your wounds. Maybe it is best to take a break from the world and enjoy a moment of peace and quiet in nature.

We can watch the world as an observer when we are overwhelmed by obstacles we are facing. Taking some “me” time for ourselves can help us make the changes we need. We do not have to stay in the roller coaster of “hell”, nor should we continue to punish ourselves.

It takes a strong spirit to make the decision to not be part of someone else’s circus. Learning to mind our own business. Finding our voice when everyone speaks louder than us, making changes that will benefits our highest good. Never letting ourselves be last on our list.

Learning to listen to our bodies and spirit, even if sometimes what we desire the most is not for us. Being honest with ourselves, learning to walk away when this is not meant to be instead of hitting the close door that will never open. Learn to step back to see the bigger picture. Not giving your powers away to anyone but instead taking it back to feel whole and grounded again.

Making the hard decisions that will not make everyone around you happy. Looking at your old patterns and see how you can change them to evolve into your beautiful self. Becoming like the water in a stream moving gracefully through challenges.

Keeping faith in the midst of trials and tribulations, projecting the best outcome for your highest good and the highest good of everyone involved.

Having faith in the process that everything will be for everyone’s best interest. When you let love grow inside of you, the energy of love emanates around you. The universe will respond to you in kindness by sending more love towards you.

Why not start to infuse your heart with love today?